Silver Moon Sailing

By The Light of The Silvery Moon...With Moonbeams In Our Eyes

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Guest Comments

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May 11-18, 2013

Teresa and John, Washington / Arizona

This was John and my first experience living aboard a boat - and we loved the Silver Moon. Our favorite part was the hospitality and excellent snorkel and activities. All of the food was amazing!! Our goal had been to visit the best snorkel sites and we did exactly that! Maggie and Bob - A Huge Thank You for everything, we enjoyed you both very much!'


May 3-10, 2013

Captain Bob & Maggie - I will miss feeling totally comfortable (to be myself) belly laughing, guitar playing & singing, fabulous food, the best snorkeling ever. But most of all, I will miss being with you two. Thank you both for every single thing - including every extra you did - - to make this the vacation of a lifetime. Please come see me in Music City!!¨ Frances (Tennesee)


Maggie and Bob - This has been the best vacation we´ve ever taken. We so enjoyed the sailing, snorkeling, singing, and food. You are both genuine & funny & caring that I just can´t imagine a better crew. Thank you so much!!¨ Shari and Dan (Florida).


I had the time of my life!! It was even more wonderful than I expected and Captains Maggie & Bob (Manfish) were such wonderful hosts and guides. They accomodated our every wish - including 2 snorkels a day, gourmet meals and snacks, serenading us at night with the guitar and story telling. They are funny, smart, friendly and extremely good sailors so we were always safe , even in high winds. You both are so wonderful and I feel extremely lucky to have sailed and snorkeled and laughed with you. Thank you so much. I truly hope I can see you again. When you see the Southern Cross for the first time... I will never forget!!!¨ Lorraine (Massachusetts)


April 14-21, 2013

I had the time of my life!! It was even more wonderful than I expected and Captains Maggie & Bob (Manfish) were such wonderful hosts and guides. They accomodated our every wish - including 2 snorkels a day, gourmet meals and snacks, serenading us at night with the guitar and story telling. They are funny, smart, friendly and extremely good sailors so we were always safe , even in high winds. You both are so wonderful and I feel extremely lucky to have sailed and snorkeled and laughed with you. Thank you so much. I truly hope I can see you again. When you see the Southern Cross for the first time... I will never forget!!!¨ Lorraine (Massachusetts)



APRIL 1-5, 2013

Thank you so much for hosting us on such an incredible adventure. We had an incredible time and loved making memories that will last a lifetime. What a wonderful experience!! Thank you for your sweet hospitality. Scott, Laura, Sam (12) and Will (10).


March 21-31-, 2013

As the magic of a Silver Moon vacation seeps in, I want to thank you both yet again for helping make this a beautiful and lasting memory in "making 50" with my family and you. Certainly you know that in a couple of minutes on a small page in the Guest Book, I would never be able to properly put into words our gratitude. (Time to cut and paste)


From the moment we chose Silver Moon, we knew we would have a vacation of a lifetime. When we arrived at Red Hook, your warm smiles and thorough introduction to Silver Moon reassured us that we would be having a fun and safe journey. It was time to take off our shoes, put on our outfit that would consist of a bathing suit and coverup, excluding the latter for Michael, in different combinations for the next 10 days. Bob you were always on the mark with your decisions about location ( or not...Virgin Gorda 2nd time ) and thus ensuring the feeling of safety through out the trip. Splendid navigational and sailing skills. We certainly had numerous beautiful sailing days and loads of fun! Super snorkle guide and conch blowing instructor as well.


From swimming with Logan the sea turtle among others, white sandy beaches, sailing to and swimming in surreal turquoise waters surrounding Anegada... let us not forget the dance party, yummy fresh caught King Fish, vibrant snorkeling, great exploration on different islands, unbelievable star gazing including a shooting star the very first night, watching Micaela take so effortlessly take to paddle boarding with Bob's tutorial and really enjoying it, conch blowing champion and runner-up, GREAT meals, Baaaddd Kitty, awesome Full Moon Party in Trellis Bay complete with dancing and hula hooping, my coral Happy 50 - a treasure for sure now featured on Norman Island, Fabulous 50 Birthday Party, huge Tarpon, Lion Fish sighting and marking, and of course we can't forget "The Dude", just to name a few. None of this would have even been remotely possible had it not been for both of you! Your enthusiasm was tireless and the 10 days seemed to pass in a blink of an eye.


A special thank you to you Maggie, for providing Micaela with a "no worry" array of yummy meals, snacks and desserts! It meant so much to her ( as well as myself and Michael) to let that not be a concern on this adventure. She is still talking about the macaroons and cake and blondies and let's just face it; all of the yummy sweets! Your warm and omnipresent smile and positive attitudes always greeted us whether early in the morning, throughout the day, or as we tucked ourselves into bed at night.


Thank you for my special gifts as well as for each of us! Your caring, thoughtful, enjoyable and professional standards certainly weren't lost on us in fact very inspiring to each. We really hope to see you again soon!


As we left you on the dock, we took with us in our hearts forever a memory of Silver Moon and Bob and Maggie!


Thank you, thank you with all our love,

Abby, Michael and Micaela (Long Island, NY)


MARCH 16-19, 2013

The Goldstein Family Band had a FABULOUS time with Captains Bob & Maggie for our first BVI Charter Sail. Thank you So Much for the wonderful Kosher chow, the enthralling tales of your circumnavigation, your patience with teenagers who love to ride the tube and drive the dinghy, and especially for having guitars on board. Shalom!! See us on YouTube - Goldstein Family Band. Jonas (lead guitar), Maryl (bass guitar), Avi (drums), Samuel (saxaphone, keyboard, percussion), and Lev (accordion, keyboard, trombone).


March 2-9, 2013

Dear Bob & Maggie, we want to thank you for our fabulous BVI adventure! From our first amazing sunset in Frances Bay to the tremendous snorkeling all along the way. But wait, we can´t forget the tubing and dance party on Anegada and the delicious food day and night!! Too many memorable moments to mention and none of which we will ever forget. Mahalo Nui Loa!!! Elise, Mark, Erika, Julia - Seattle, Washington.


February 2013

From Tom & Jeanette, Pennsylvania

Guys, Thanks so much for the sailing, sailing lessons and the great meals!

You made us very comfortable from the first moments.

I cannot imagine a better Caribbean Experience!



From Rodney & Suzanne, Pennsylvania

What a wonderful time! Thank you for making a dream trip live up to expectations.

Maggie, write that cookbook - you are a fantastic cook!

Bob, thanks for sharing your music...

Thank you, this was the best vacation in my life



February 2013

John has looked forward to a week of sailing for years. We can't believe our good fortune in having such great people to host us. The locations were incredible, the variety of snorkeling, anchorages and food was the best. Our meals were better than any meals we had off the boat. The Virgin Gorda drive was spectacular. You have hooked is on the Go Pro. But beyond the scenery and everything about the islands, this trip was made because of the personalities of Bob & Maggie - everyday smiling. They could sail us anywhere - even on the Mississippi - and the trip would be memorable!
Elzora & John

January 2013

Thank you for making our New Year's & Kate's birthday the best! Can't wait to sail with you all again!


I really enjoyed staying on the Silver Moon. I like the food! I will always love this boat no matter what. 
Kate (age 8)

I love your ship. And I love you both so much! Thank you for the goldfish and playing games with us. Thank you for protecting our treasure from the pirates.
Ava (age 4)

We had a marvelous time. Thank you for your patience and good nature with our girls. Thank you for great times at sea and ashore. In particular, thank your local friend for finding the treasure map and keeping us safe from the Pirates all about!
Eric (Virginia)


We had a great time! I am going to miss you terribly. Keep in touch! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love y'all!
Priya (age 13)

Dear Mr. Bob and Mrs. Maggie, I love you guys. I am going to miss y'all. I had such a fun time with you guys. And remember Lob Lolly.
Maya (age 8)

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful time you showed us in your beautiful BVI. We feel we have made two more lifelong friends in our life's journey. We will miss your wonderful hospitality and FOOD!! Our paths will surely cross in the future.
Brinda, Rakesh, Anan, Priya, Maya
South Carolina


Wow! Indescribably amazing experience with family and you guys as new friends. Sand, sun, mountains, relaxation, dining, singing, song writing, reflection, and fun! Amazing trip that we won't ever forget... "Walking on the Moon all Day..." You two are incredible hosts.

Leah, Clint, Reagan, Hope

December 2012

Dear Bob & Maggie
Thanks does not express properly our feelings for providing a wonderful vacation in paradise. You are wonderful, warm people so attuned our every want. The sailing was great. You are knowledgeable tour guides showing us nature's beauty in this bit of paradise. Maggie, you are an awesome chef and hostess. Always there to greet us as we returned from an outing with a big smile. As you know, this was a lifetime dream between partners which you made a reality better than anyone dreamed. We hope this week was the start of a long friendship. Safe sailing always,

Pam, John, Elaine & Bill
New Jersey

Capt. Bob and Maggie - What an outstanding week onboard the Silver Moon! Many thanks for your boundless hospitality EXCELLENT meals… and fabulous work by the twin-webber-meister! We hope our paths will cross again soon - warmly and wishing you fair winds

Katrina & John, (New York) August 2012

Captain Bob & Maggioe - Thanks for the great hospitality aboard Silver Moon on the NYYC Annual Cruise!

Melissa & Andrew (Toronto, Canada) August 2012

Maggie & Capt Bob - Thank you for your kindness, warmth, hospitality & making us feel at home. Coming off the race boat every day to fabulous meals & smiling faces couldn't be beat. We'll always remember the two of you and the part you [played in our magical engagement. Much, much, love.

Hanna & Jay (New York) August 2012

Maggie & Bob- Thank you for your kind and generous hospitality. You made our trip extra special. Safe travels!

Karen & Allan (Toronto, Canada) August 2012

Bob & Maggie- We can't say enough about how wonderful the entire week was. I think we'll all agree that it was the best family vacation EVER! We were completely relaxed from day 1 and our biggest regret is not being able to stay with you for another week. Switching from half board to full board was the best decision we made! You are a wonderful cook and host, Maggie. We loved not knowing exactly where, when and what we were doing, yet every moment was wonderful. We felt completely safe and well cared for at every moment. The kids had a blast, Tori and I felt relaxed and carefree and even just sitting on the boat just watching the waves roll by were some of the best moments of the trip and will be remembered fondly. And on top of all that relaxing we went tubing, snorkeling, exploring, cave diving, rock climbing, sailing, boating, singing, dancing, star gazing, swimming and a ton more. We had a ton of "special finds" too! Whale, dolphin, octopus, shark (!), turtle, manta ray! Thanks again Bob & Maggie. You really are the best captains we ever could have hoped for. We love you guys!

Kent, Tori, 'Kate-ness' and Elias (New Jersey) April 2012

I had a wonderful time on your boat. You both are people persons and are very kind and patient with children. Bob, thanks for showing us all the great sights of the Virgin Islands. Your personal dive tour of The Baths was spectacular! Maggie, you couldn't have been nicer and the food couldn't have been better. You are a kind soul and I feel fortunate that I met you. Best of luck to you both.

Rich (Virgina)

April 2012

We so enjoyed your companionship this week. You both are fun-loving, so flexible and were so kind and patient with our kids. We hope to see you in Park City one of these days!

Valerie (Utah)

April 2012

Dear Maggie & Bob, Thank you for playing in the pool with me, snorkeling at the caves and teaching me how to play guitar. I love Maggie's cookies.

Bridget, age 6 (Utah)

April 2012

This was the best vacation EVER! Maggie's food was amazing & I will never have anything like it. Bob was always so kind letting us help drive the boat. The places we went to snorkel, hike, swim, etc, was priceless and I could not have asked for more. Thank you so much Maggie & Bob.

Grace, age 11 (Utah)

April 2012

Best vacation ever. I will never forget this. Maggie your food was the best. Bob, thanks for teaching me the guitar. It is so fun. Thank you guys so much.

Caroline, age 9 (Utah)

April 2012

Maggie the Queen of cuisine

Bob, the sailor pristine

Team together

to make the sail a dream

They showed us islands, beaches, snorkeling reef

Bays of many names and even lighted tarpon at night

Conversations at meals and on sails

ranged from children, jobs, life's ups and downs

to constellations, art, and the art of treating all as equals

Thanks for a week of heaven on earth

with music accompanying us along the way

Via CDs, guitar, harmonica and percussion

or every invention by Erik

You can get almost everything you want

at Bob & Maggie's restaurant (and sail charter)

Bill & Marie (North Carolina)

April 2012

We sailed the pristine Silver Moon

One co-pilot could mimic a loon

And the other could strum some and croon

with the drummer (which proved quite a boon!)

And our trio could carry a tune

We met not a single typhoon

And the sun shone each bright afternoon.

Saw Orion, the Crux, and the moon

'Round the coral reefs always were strewn

Fish of colors from blue to maroon

We found that surprisingly soon,.

Awesome food made our stomachs balloon

And now we will diet through June!

At the risk of sounding jejeune

We thank you for all you have "shewn"

(sice no one ate prune, fought a baboon, or formed a platoon - though I almost fell into a swoon - then I've run out of "oons!"

Captain Bob & Maggie, thanks for a fabulous vacation! Visit us anytime!

love Natasha & Erik (North Carolina)

April 2012

Dear Bob & Maggie, Thank you so much for having us on your boat. I had a great time tubing and snorkeling for the first time. Thanks again for making my trip to the Virgin Islands a blast.

Ben, age 11 (New York City)

March 2012

Thank you Bob and Maggie for the most relaxing 3-day vacation I can remember. Your warmth and good food, able helmsmanship and comic banter are epic! We look forward to returning for a longer trip!

Lisa (New York City)

March 2012

Captain Bob & Maggie - what a wonderful week you have delivered for my family and I. The entire trip exceeded my expectations. The kids will have this memory for a lifetime. The ease of which you both provided service with a smile not only impressed me as a customer, but made me want to re-double my efforts as being of service to others. I was impressed with you professionalism, humor and willingness to teach. I felt like I was in a floating school. Not just about sailing, but lessons for life. Bob, your calm demeanor combined with a competitive nature of a racer taught me a lot about how to lead a team: Think, communicate, act. Maggie, you were not just a wonderful cook, but a flawless host. I hope I can be of service to others as effortlessly as you do. Food was wonderful and the overall experience, perfect. I again want to thank you for sharing this time with my family and myself.  I will not forget either of you or the lessons and experiences I am taking from this trip. I leave with not just memories, but for better, I leave with wonderful new friends. If you ever need anything, call and I will be there. I look forward to our next visit. Fair Winds my friends!

Michael (Texas)

March 2012

What a trip! Such a wonderful treat a week in "Paradise" cannot be beat! All the sights - the azure seas bordered by beautiful palm trees. The hospitality and great meals make this vacation a deal of deals! Memories of meaning, coffee, hors d'eouvres, at sunset, snorkeling by days… will remain with us always! Life aboard the Silver Moon ends too quickly, WAY TOO SOON!

Yvette and Dave

February 2012

Dear Bob & Maggie - I came into this vacation with pretty high expectations and you exceeded them at every level. The food, the fun and the sights were all incredible. Truly a wonderful vacation - in fact, the best ever. Looking forward to many more years of fun together!

Dave & Betty (Connecticut)

February 2012


Dear Maggie and Bob,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! No need went unattended. You guys are an amazing team of hosts, entertainers, tour guides and yachtsmen. We loved the snorkeling and adventuring, seeing all the amazing natural sights and wildlife, exploring different islands and beaches and enjoying delightful meals on board. You both have a nice way of going with the flow and making perfection seem easy and relaxed. Thanks again for taking such good care of us, all agreed it was a top vacation and a must repeat.

Suzanne, George, Georgie, Maria and Olivia (Massachusetts)

Dec 31, 2011 - Jan 5, 2012

Dear Capt. Bob & Maggie - When a vacation feels timeless, you know it's been wonderful. Enjoying the beauty of BVI, being chased away by Qatari yacht security, playing guitar and singing with Bob, eating lobster on Anegada, flying over the reefs and fishing with Kevin – these will all be part of family lore and the stories will probably be (gasp!) exaggerated just a it over time. Sailing with two "around-the-world" sailors who have taught us, laughed at and with us, spoiled us with phenomenal food and fellowship. It just doesn't get any better. We hope you'll come to Birmingham and let us spoil you a bit. Or meet at Alta for a few powder runs. Or both. Can't wait to sail with you again.

Dave, Paige and the awesome sons Paul & Will (Alabama)

Dec 24-30, 2011


Dear Captain Bob & Maggie

Just a note to thank you for a wonderful time aboard Silver Moon. The food, the fun, the relaxation was brilliant. The sail to Anegada was breath taking and the lobsters and bone fishing with Kevin, a highlight of the trip. Already we miss our cozy cabin, reading books on the tramp under the giant awning, and snorkeling from the bow stairs. And we'll never forget Maggie's galley magic.  The locally caught fish dinner followed by pecan pie…  or waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread. We couldn't have asked for a better time away, or a more fun and hospitable crew. Thank you again for a fantastic time. We look forward to a return trip in 2012!


Sofia & Sean, Mallorca Spain

Dec 2011

Dear Captain Bob & Maggie

A quick note to thank you for a wonderful time aboard! The sailing, hospitality, fun, music, and delicious meals were outstanding! You definitely know how to put us all at ease on the water. I've never been more relaxed. Ben loved taking the helm and Teddy was over the moon about the fishing. We'll be recommending you to all our friends, so be prepared for a busy season!

The Nortons, Maine

October 2011

Dear Captain Bob & Maggie

The 700-mile sail from Bermuda was amazing. It gave me such an appreciation for all your sea time and the oceans you crossed during you circumnavigation. I was certainly glad of your expertise on my first big offshore trip. And even in the rolling seas we ate like kings! I will never for get the incredible sunsets, night skies full of stars, freighter ships passing in the night. It all was incredible. Thank you for a truly memorable adventure on the high seas.

Nate Underwood, New Hampshire

June 2011